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hi im wondering if i got a hd 7850 would it bottelnck my cpu
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  1. nope it will not bottleneck ur cpu but i would go for gtx 660 tiinsist of buying 7850 gtx 660 ti is a competes with 7950 in few games
  2. monu_08 said:
    nope it will not bottleneck ur cpu but i would go for gtx 660 tiinsist of buying 7850 gtx 660 ti is a competes with 7950 in few games

    no it competes with the HD 7870

  3. may be gamerkila57 he got a point still 7870 is better choice as per price and performance ratio gtx660 ti is overpriced right now here

    price ratio ati amd gives best bang for the buck but at price point of view 7870 is a great warrior
  4. not at all u will just fine with it since ur cpu have plenty of juice in it and can run any game on high setting
  5. but wouldnt the gtx 660ti bottleneck my cpu
  6. with the hd 7870 o the hd 7850
  7. ok how does it run in 1680 by 1050
  8. 7870 is the best choice and + market price is decent for this gpu for u i say 7870 is the best one can get at decent price
  9. thats good but i need upgrade my montior and i will get the hd 7870

    hey does the hd 7850 run the same so the hd 7870
  10. here http://www.youtube.com/watch?v=aP7mvSRX-Tk
    it seems that they perform same but the 7870 is just faster also depends on cpu also
  11. well my cpu is amd phemon x4 840
  12. ok will get for my birthday
  13. then u will be fine with 7870 its great one grab it
  14. happy birthday mate wises from me & tom s hardware
  15. hey would my psu handle it
  16. ok thanks and my birthday is in coule months '
  17. hey if i got the hd 7850 and ran it on a 1280 by 1024 what would the diffnce by beteewn 720p and 1080p
  18. an 720 resolution is moreover is 1366x768
    where an 1080p is 1920x1080
    the only reason between them is pixel where 1920 x1080 images are more clear as compare 1366x768 the less resolution give more fps then higher resolution but it also depends on games if using ultra setting with decent resolution u got around 40 to 60 fps but if using lower setting and 1920x1080 resolution u got more 50 to 65/70 fps it all depends on games u cant say how much fps u can got
  19. well i have a 1280 by 1024 monitor and maybe be getting a 1920by 1080 would be ok
  20. yes it will ok since in future if u want to crossfire ur gpu so taht u can get good fps at 1980x1080 go ahead u see a huge difference bw jumping 1280x 1080 into 1980 x 1080p
  21. so i can get fps with hd 7850 on 1920by1080
  22. ok
  23. yea but the gtx 660ti and hd 7950 doesnt these gpu run the same at all difernt res
  24. in some games nvidia have better performance then 7950 just like battlefield3 borderland 2 but the overall gtx 660 ti is an 192 bit and 7950 is 384 bit which is twice then i think they both are competitor and both of them winner u cant neglect both of them because amd i famous for his high end chip set at low budget were nvidia gives extra performance for the bucks overall 7950 is better one for its price ratio and performance but gtx 660 ti is overpriced right now
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