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Please advise.

I am currently running an i7 LGA2011 processor with a Noctura NH-D14 140mm x 120mm fan on a Rampage IV Extreme board. Although the Noctura does a great job cooling my CPU, I cannot utilize all of my RAM slots, and it interferes with me installing my current video card in the PCI-E slot closest to the CPU, which will be an issue when I upgrade to an additional 7970. Current video card is a XFX 7970 BE DD.

Any suggestions on another CPU Fan/Heatsink would be great. And I do not want to go with anything water cooled. Thank you.
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    I know you don't want water cooler, But how about the Corsair H100i? Gives you room to OC, the H80i isn't as good as the H100, but works in 90% of the cases where the H100 might be issue. Its a closed loop and should not ever leak. I had my Orignal H100 for 2 years so far, still keeps my x6 1100T at 4.1ghz under 60C. I also run the H50 in another AMD system and had that the day it came out, works like a champ.

    Air cooling, I don't think your going to get any better then what you have, or well you can, but you'll still have clearance issues.

    Good Luck!
  2. What Viking said. I can't think of an air cooling solution that'll be small enough to not block any DIMM or PCI-E slots. If you're fine with blocking DIMM slots, the Hyper 212 is pretty rectangular in shape.
  3. Thanks for the input. I guess I'm stuck till I make the change. But from what I've reveiwed, I would agree with you and go with the H100. I guess I'll have to just be prepared to make the change when I upgrade again. I'm assuming I shouldn't have any issues with my inverted mobo and the tubing since I'm using an Silverstone case?
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