Xfx 9800gt green edition vs xfx 9800gt black editon

guys which one is best xfx 9800gt green edition and xfx 9800gt black edition.. and tell me how much the performance difference is there between these two cards.....? :(
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  1. The middle one is the best.

    Difference ; 42 !
  2. you'll need to be much more specific with exact model numbers as there are many 9800gt cards. made by xfx.

    Is this comparing two cards you already have or ones you are looking to buy? Because I certainly wouldn't be buying a 9800 right now.
  3. Indeed, there's also a thread of pro gamer about the 630 vs 540 or something.

    What is your intention ; buying a new card or just BS-ing ?
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    HD 6670 GDDR5 or the HD 7750 :p
  5. actually i'm looking for a decent entry level card... so many are there there fore i post different posts about these...
  6. hy whats the difference between sdd3 and gdd3? plz tell me
  7. sddr3 sucks.

    Regor's advice is good, look for something like that. ( without knowing your further system.)
  8. If it is not a 256bit gddr3 edition then don't buy it. There is a lot of noobs that think that the 9800gt eco or green edition is a pos only to suggest a weaker but newer dx11 era card. As far as nvidia is concerned the 9800gt eco is as good as it gets without being a very rare oem GT545 or GTS450 eco from zotac. The GT640 is a mixed bag and very overpriced. For $30-60 this card isn't bad and competes well with other cards like the 6670. If you ever decided to upgrade to a beat of a card lol and have a board with two pci-e slots you can use the old card as physx.
  9. o.k
    can anyone plz tell me the how much performance difference is there between sddr3 video card and gddr3 video cards?????????
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