Two different types of RAM

I just bought:

ASRock Z77 Extreme4 motherboard < >

GSkill Ares low profile memory < >

I didn't realize that the mobo came with free memory...

My question is can I use both sets of memory with the mobo listed above? The free memory that cam with is:

PATRIOT G2 Series memory < >

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  1. probably not a good idea since one set is 1.5v and one set is 1.65v. in order to get both sets to work you would have to run them all at 1.65v which is not good for a 1.5v set. not good for a ivybridge motherboard either. i would just use the 1.5v set.
  2. Weird, the sticker on the ram box says 1.5V for the PATRIOT G2 Series. If it's 1.5V what would your answer be?
  3. Ya, and mixing RAM sticks often doesn't work anyway.

    Maybe I linked the wrong one before, looks like it's 1.5V
  5. should work then, the last timing on the ares isnt listed, it might be 27 and not 24. so you might have to run both sets at 27. thats fine though.
  6. Says 9-9-9-24 on the Ares package. Would I have to do anything special or just plug it in
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    should just work, go into your bios to make sure the timing are correct afterwards. if it works it works if it doesnt... well, it doesn't. no harm in trying though
  8. Thank you for your help!
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