GTX 3GB 580 vs Quadro 4000 - Work machine.

Hey everyone, I've been doing a lot of research and for my price bracket it seems the two cards I've narrowed it down to is the 3GB 580 and the quadro 4000.

Package of choice - Maya

Wanting the card mainly so I can handle really large shaded poly scenes in the standard view port without lag.

Would like to get this part brought rather fast as its the only part of my old rig not upgraded, any advice would be helpful.
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  1. i hope this would help but i n my suggestion if u not want to play games at all the n quadro 4000 is great one for gaming gtx 580 3gb is great
  2. Oh right thank you monu that;s really help full. I'm really only looking to use the machine for work, don't have the time for games like I used to!
  3. You should wait 2 months (if possible) because Nvidia is coming out with their new series of Quadro cards very soon...

    ok... maybe not lol. I just saw the MSRP price on those compared to the Quadro 4000
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