No power when I press the power button

I'm sure you get this quetsion so many times but here we go.

I press the power button on my PC and within like a 1000th of a second the power supply DC adpater cuts out (ie the green light which was on goes off) I am using the PicoPSU 160xt and 192w power adpater. The power supply is working I know this because it's not the original power supply - that one broke - this is a replacement and all voltages are there. I thought the problem would be fixed with a new PSU but now it seems the MB or CPU has been damaged when the original PSU blew up.

any how I've gone through the steps here

and I'm currently looking at my motherboard, CPU & HSF on a breadboard - no other components. I plug it in and exactly the same thing happens - PSU cuts out

So I'm sure now that either the CPU or motherboard is at fault:

motherboard is ASROCK F2A75M-ITX CPU is AMD A10-5700.

So components are only 2 months old so warranty should be fine but which component is at fault??? can I remove the CPU and power on to test if the motherboard fan will at least spin. perhaps suggesting that its the CPU not the MB thats at fault. Or is there any other way of testing both components - I have no replacements or friends with compatible stuff. I can just see AMD saying its the motherboard and ASrock saying its the CPU and getting no where.

any help appreciated.
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  1. sorry just noticed my first post did actually post!! the website came up with a message saying 'Flood threat detected' so I posted it again thinking it had been voided. sorry!
  2. Check if there are any screws/objects on or below the motherboard, sounds like a short to me.

    If that doesn't work make sure all cables are firmly plugged in(4/8 pin EPS, 24-Pin mobo, PCIe, etc...)
  3. Well thought I'd let you know I took the HSF off and remove the CPU. plugged in the power and it still tripped out. so I'm thinking its not the CPU. I unplugged the CPU power cable leaving just the 24 pin atx. This time when I powered on it did not trip. So I've narrowed it down to the CPU powercircuit.

    Does this mean that it likely the CPU as well as the MB will be knackered as I'm thinking id the CPU power circuit is dead then it probably knacked the CPU too.

    what do you think?
  4. Your psu is way under rated than required. Atleast it seems so. Share your full system specs. and why do you need the power adaptor? Does that feed the PSU?
  5. the power adapter feeds the psu. it's a fanless passively cooled thing. (HTPC build). the PSU isn't underpowered. it's been running fine for 2 months and registers less than 110W using a power meter monitor from maplin.

    anyhow, think I've established that the MB is knacked so i'm emailing ASrock now - good luck with that one I hear you say!!!

    do you think it's likely the CPU is broken too given the fault seems to be a short on the CPU power circuit?
  6. Hairy thanks for sharing that...I honestly did not know of passively cooled HTPC psu's. But I still think 160W is cuttin it too close for your build. you do have a 65W cpu but I feel the total system power draw could be a problem.

    As far as wrecking the cpu goes, it is near impossible coz it'll behave just like it's behaving right now. Shutdown before any catastrophic damage.
  7. thanks for that. I'll see how I get on with ASrock.
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