Gtx 660 ti compatibility to 3ds max 2010

I have been using a single evga gtx 560 ti 2gb sc for the past year now, I use my machine mainly for editing and 3d animation and I do game whenever i have some free time. I mainly use adobe premiere cs5 and 3ds max 2010(with some plugins like fumefx, krakatoa, vray, etc), 560 ti works well on these program but for gaming it have began to suffer.

With the new 660 ti coming out i'm thinking of selling my 560 ti and get the 660 ti for better gaming experience but my concern is it's compatibility with 3ds max 2010 since I have heard people having problems with max 2010/2011 using gtx 670 and had to wait for autodesk to patch it, and I doubt they will patch max 2010 if that happens.

If anyone out there have both the 660 ti and 3ds max 2010 can let me know their first hand experience that would be great, or if anyone have any input or suggestion for my situation please feel free share it.

P.S. im new to the forum so if there is a better category for this please forgive me and direct me to it.
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  1. gtx 660 ti is great one go for it
  2. monu_08 said:
    gtx 660 ti is great one go for it

    sorry but that was no help at all
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