Is my build compatible and good for gaming?

I just need to know if my build is compatible and good for gaming. I am 13 years old so this is kinda hard for me.

So if you say yes then you are saying that i should buy all of the parts and just put the computer together, and it will work.

pc parts list:

Thank you in advanced for your help
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  1. In theory, yes, but that is not the best route to go. I would change a few things, such as the motherboard and the CPU.
    Buy this case:
    Rosewill Challenger for $45:
    It may not be the best to impress, but it is the BEST BANG FOR YOUR BUCK! It has many fans (for cooling) and lots of room. It is also decently priced, compared to the Sentey case. Since you want the best performance before the better case, this is the most logical choice, the other being the NZXT GAMMA:

    I would also buy the i5 3570k:
    It's currently only $215 and is overclockable in the future, if you ever feel the need to OC.
    If you are getting that CPU, you will also need a new motherboard (Z77 or Z75 chipset) to allow for OCing. If you wish to SLI the graphics card later, you must buy a more expensive motherboard such as:

    If you wish to switch the gfx card to an AMD Radeon, then you can get the ASUS P8Z77-M LGA 1155 Intel Z77 for a few bucks cheaper. (the gfx card will probably be cheaper too)
  2. This looks vaguely familiar for some reason.

    But the case is rather expensive. I dunno about the 3570K; while it is awesome, if you never get around to overclocking it might not be worth it.

    But it does hold value better.
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