Problem with my new Sapphire HD7770 OC


I've replaced my broken videocard Asus 9800GT Top with the following card: Sapphire HD7770 OC Edition. I switched the cards and then afterwards I removed the nvidia drivers (in the configuration screen) and installed the latest drivers for my new card.
Everything looked ok, but when i play Modern Warfare 3 for example, I notice that it doesn't run as smooth as with my Asus 9800GT, even when i reduce the advanced video settings.

What can be the cause or what can I do to fix this problem?
I was thinking to format my pc, but i'm afraid that the problem won't be solved.
Can there be a conflict with my old Nvidia drivers?
Is my system to weak for the HD7770 card (PCI-e 3.0)? Or is the 9800GT a better card (=256 bit)?
Can there be a conflict with my motherboard?

If someone can give me some solutions or answers...

My computer system:

* CPU: Intel core 2 duo E4400
* 4 GB Ram DDR2
* Motherboard: Asus P5N-E SLI
* Videocard: Sapphire HD7770 GHz Edition Overclocked
* PSU: Antec Earthwatts 500W

Thanks in advance !!

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  1. Did you connect the 6-pin adapter from the power supply directly to the graphics card? Are you plugging the monitor directly to the graphics card and not the motherboard?
  2. The 6-pin adapter comes directly from the PSU to the videocard and my monitor is directly connected to my new videocard with the DVI cable (my motherboard doesn't have a GPU on board).
  3. I think it's a severe case of driver conflict then. I'd strongly suggest reinstalling windows.
  4. I read a lot of things of driver conflicts when replacing a videocard from another type (AMD - Nvidia). But i find it odd that my "normal" activities on the pc such as Office, internet, mail, Photoshop,... runs smooth with the new card and when i play games the framerate is very poor.
  5. Well, other activities you described don't really use a graphics card ;).
  6. True.
    So you think my CPU isn't the bottleneck for the new videocard?

    Thanks for the reactions !
  7. If you had a bottleneck, you'd at least see the same performance. Bottleneck doesn't reduce performance, just limits how hard you can go.

    Of course, you can always check the CPU usage: but beware, high CPU usage might mean driver conflict as well.
  8. Thanks, i'm going to do some tests when i get home.
    I hope that my problem is a driver issue and that it can be solved when i format my pc (= final solution).
  9. i got same problem except that i had no past Discrete Cards
  10. ^ make your own thread.
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