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MSI 660 ti v.s. Nvidia 660 ti?

Just had a quick question for you guys. I was originally meaning to get the MSI Power edition of the 660 ti off of tigerdirect, but I was at best buy this morning and they have an Nvidia branded 660 ti for $350. I've never seen an Nvidia branded card before, I thought they sell their cards through other brands only (MSI, EVGA, PNY, etc.) Which would be the better card to get?

Here's the link to the Nvidia 660 ti:;jsessionid=280D3C64D1A0564F49EFBF7D99E238B2.bbolsp-app01-02?id=1218720725742&skuId=6208848&st=660%20ti&cp=1&lp=1

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  1. dont buy the msi cards its totally *** and their product sucks i have one it twinfrozer 3 gtx570 and within a week it blue screen and one of the fan not working when i get rma still got issue with dvi port one of them not working totally *** never buy msi product i suggest the other brand asus here
  2. It's a reference card with reference cooling and no overclocking. And it's certainly overpriced. Get the MSI!
  3. sorry out of stock get these
    evga great card i use this one
  4. I'm sorry to hear you've got a faulty product monu, but it happens with all manufacturers. MSI is a pretty good brand, I wouldn't attack them because of single bad experience.
  5. noy just me my other friend also having the problem
  6. I dunno my MSI GTX 560 works just fine, been over a month now. And anyway, their coolers are pretty good.

    @OP: don't buy the reference. check out anandtech's 660 Ti review, they tested a few other models as well.
  7. What about the PNY version? How does that fare against the other two?
  8. ^ anybody have any input?
  9. It's ok.
  10. well seeing as I have a best buy trade in card with $100 on it, Best Buy is the place I'm going to buy this card from. I'm a bit dissapointed in what you've said, but I need to go with either the PNY or the reference. Which would you suggest?
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    PNY. You should never go with reference ones.
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