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Well, I want to build a new computer, it will be nothing insanely powerful (Just a 7950 and 3570k, 8gb ram ect). As far as the case goes I really like the look of the Fractal Design Define R4 Black Pearl, it seems to have a lot of features that other mid towers just don't have, like SSD mounting space in the back of the motherboard tray, removable HDD cages that can fit in other ways, and the sound dampening. I am pretty set on this case.
But I am wondering if opting for the full tower one would be better because I do plan on upgrading this machine and possibly delving into water cooling. Here is the full tower one -
Would it be worth the extra 30$?
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  1. its worth it as water cooling does take a lot of expansion room. could you be a little more specific on what you would be expanding?
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