Palit 9800 GT 1gb 256-bit BEEPING!!! ~_~

I recently bought a Palit 9800 GT 1gb 256-bit... when I finished installing the card into place and manage to turn my PC on, it immediately beeps like 5-6 times... short fast beeps.. O_O no display... :cry:

help... T_T

i5 750
Asrock P55 pro
2 x G.skill ram
Hec Raptor 500w
Windows 7 (64-bit)
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  1. Did you connect all the corresponding power cables to both the motherboard and the video card if needed?
  2. that board had a dr. debug led right? what is the error code?
  3. hello ahnilated, I have connected all the power cables on the video card which is the 6-pin... it is from the PSU to v.card... :)

    hi Great Ranidino, I don't get what you mean... :l where can I find it?.. :)
  4. Thanks for the reply! :) I reseated the Video card. its fine now... :)
  5. Good to hear that... Enjoy your card... :)
  6. connect the pci power well
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