Is this Alright?

Is this alright?

i have and i7-3770k and a h80i the temps are pretty low for 5.28Ghz, i don't even think it runs at 5.28Ghz. Btw im @ Windows 8
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  1. what matters is load temps. load temps will be much higher and that is when parts fry.
  2. ah oke, so do i have to upload a pic of my load temps?
  3. Run prime95 and take a pic.
  4. hope thats a good pic
  5. and i have the h80i fans at quiet mode
  6. You should have speedstep on and be idling at 1.6ghz.

    Those seem incredibly low load temps for that overclock given the h80 isnt all that. Did you de-lid the cpu?
  7. i don't know what de-lid is (Im a 13 year old kid from holland) but im am not sure if it's not just a fault or error of windows 8 that it says it runs at 5.46Ghz
  8. warm air*
  9. i wasn't running the test for that long, about ten min when i took the screenshot. but still, when i play farcry 3 for ten min i can feel that there is hot air coming out my pc
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