Please help a newbie understand why Seasonic PSU wont turn on :(

Hi all. First post ever in Tomshardware after months of learning of great forums.
Turns out Im working on my first build. I've been catching deals and taking it easy to get the parts. I got a Seasonic X750 gold fully modular from Newegg at the end of december. Yesterday I got a CM Storm enforcer case (I haven't bought a MOBO yet), so I was exicted to test the fans with my PSU. Surprisingly when I connect the MOLEX that come with the case fans to the PSU with the PCI-E cables that come in the box and nothing happens. I checked all possible failure points (AC outlet, switches, etc) and everything is fine. Also I noticed that the PSU internal fan doesnt move at all. I know Im not drawing enough current, but I dont see any reaction to plug in the AC, which I think it is weird
My question is. Is a MOBO needed to wake up the PSU? Or I just received a dead unit?
Too bad I didnt notice about this before. Now I cannot get a replacement from Newegg :(
Thanks a lot in advance for the help
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    Try to verify (as well as you can) that the PSU works. If you have a multimeter, you can do a rough checkout of a PSU using the "paper clip trick". This guide will show you how to jumpstart the psu and here a video
  2. bigcyco1 has given you the solution - to answer your question: yes you need the motherboard to turn the PSU on under normal circumstances.

    The case power switch will plug in to the motherboard, which will tell the PSU to turn itself on (in simple terms).

    Without a motherboard in there, to use the PSU you will have to bridge the pins of the power connector with a paperclip or other conductor (I use a short length of wire with each end stripped), in order to trick the PSU into thinking it's been given the power on command.
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  4. Thanks a lot bigcyco1 and Meoricin! I will do the test tonight. Big relief to know that this is normal behavior. Glad to learn all these details in my first build
  5. No problem your welcome.
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