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Hello, I am working on my friends computer that is in a lot of trouble. Here is what happens upon pressing the power button, the computer turns on, I get the POST screen, the splash screen and then the windows is loading screen (it runs xp). About a second later, I am prompted by a quick blue screen and then the computer restarts itself. After looking inside, I noticed that the north bridge cooler had fallen off, and the pin that holds it in place fell out too. I began diagnosing it. I changed the boot order, I tried booting it from the last known configuration, and I even flashed the cmos. After that still didn't work, I used a hard drive that was laying around, same problem. I would be able to easily replace the FSB cooler, but I don't know anything about soldering, so that venture didn't work out. I think this is solely a motherboard problem, will swapping out the motherboard fix this, or will I just waste money by having to buy more parts?

P.S.- It is a Compaq SR1320NX if anyone is curious.
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  1. Just reconnect the NB cooler with new thermal paste. Chances are it's overheating and the BIOS then restarts it. Find something to hold it in place properly. You shouldn't need to solder anything.
  2. What would you suggest I do, the holder is actually an arch, with two pins going into the motherboard (with extremely small holes). The cooler has a loop that attaches to the arch and thats how it stays. Is there a possibility of doing this without taking the motherboard out?
  3. You can buy new push pins for the north bridge cooler, if it hasn't been irreversibly damaged. Try They seem to have everything. Don't forget to get a tube of thermal paste.
  4. Would it be possible to get a wire (insulated of course) that is that small to loop, and be able to stay with the force of the spring?
  5. Update: So I managed to get the FSB cooler back on. I booted it up, still happening. I need to know if this is a motherboard problem or an HDD problem, so I know which one to replace. Here is what is going on.
  6. What happens if you go into the BIOS and check the various temperatures?
  7. First, if you did not use new thermal paste then you did not reattach teh heat sink, you jsut put a piece of metal nearby. Google 'artic silver' for instructions and you-tube videos. $5.

    Second verify temps as suggested above. "Real temp" or "HWMONITOR" or seom other free download would be good. As Someone Somewhere once said, the bios on some PCs also has temp info.

    Third, isolate to a SW problem or a Hardware problem if temps are OK. Download a bootable diagnostic. If the diagnostic runs fine then most likely you have a software problem.

    For the bluescreen: Check if they give you any info on the blue screen panel -- like a file name ending in .sys If so google it. Google debugging blue screen and check out the event log. See if there is anything useful there.


    1. See if its a software or hardware problem.
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