Does anyone know where to find zotac 670 4gb review

i was able to find zotac 680 4gb review but not thefor zotac 670 4gb review

thank you
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    I assume that the zotac GTX 670 4GB runs pretty much the same as the EVGA GTX 670 SC+ 4GB....

    Well...I can't find a review for the EVGA one either....

    This isn't a review but it shows the performance of a the EVGA GTX 670 4GB on 2560x1440 and 5760x1080 resolution.
  2. It's quite possible that no reviews for it exist, I have yet to see one. Some GPUs are never reviewed, and some take a while to show up, it all depends on when and to who Zotac sent a card to be reviewed, if they did at all.
  3. the thing is i am considering either msi gtx670 power edition that is nearly equal to stock 680 or zotac 670 4gb cause i like skyrim and i want to do some futureproofing. but power edition would be more efficient as it has higher clock

    thank you
  4. You might as well as get a 7970 ghz edition then... since even with a ton of texture mods, skyrim on 5760x1080 still barely approaches 2 gigs....

    and metro 2033 is barely over 2 gigs at that resolution too...
  5. the thing is i want to have 3 monitors and if i were to buy i would go for 120hz benq xl2420t. and i dont know whether single link mini displayport (cheaper 30eur one) is 120hz capable o just 60hz
    i believe these 30eur displayport adapters are only single link and therefore 120hz might not be possible.

    EDIT: also CF is too buggy, SLI would be more stable i believe

    thank you
  6. Well, if you know you're going to do tripl monitor set-up.There isn't any way to go other than GTX 670 4 GB (since the test shows that the 2GB version lags far behind in the games they tested...)

    The only difference between the GTX 670 2GB and 4GB is the vram... you can still overclock them to pretty similar clocks... (high 1100s to low 1200s)

    But ya. CFX is definitely really damn buggy compared to SLI...
  7. well i just red that zotac 4gb has stock frequency 928MHz, Boost 1006MHz so its faster than stock 670.

    anyway thanks, looks like i will change to nvidia after always buying ati, but well its no longer ati so why keep loyalty :)

    EDIT: only downside is that i can game at 3 monitors at max with nvidia ...

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