Computer won't stay on, No signal to monitor

Hello. Ever since a few days ago, my computer has not been functioning properly.

What I did to cause the problem:

I opened up my computer, and took out the two RAM sticks I have (DDR3 4 Gig x 2) in order to look and see what DDR 3 were. (I've been wanting to get some more RAM and a better graphics card in the future) I did all this without taking out the CMOS battery first. (I was informed that I'm supposed to take out the CMOS battery before I make any hardware changes or reseats.) and then after discovering they were, in fact DDR3, I replaced them in the same places they were before, and then tried turning my computer back on.

What the tower is doing:

At this point in time, it will turn on for approx. 2 seconds, then shut itself off. If I don't turn off the power supply switch, it will turn itself back on and try and boot. It stays on the second time for about 2 to 4 minutes, but I'm not getting any signal whatsoever to my monitor. After about 2 - 4 minutes, the process starts over again.

What I've tried to do to fix it:

Reseated wires and cards (RAM included) appropriately.
Put the graphics card into a different slot
Used a DVI cable instead of my usual VGA to DVI cable
Used a DVI to HDMI cable (My monitor has a HDMI port)
Took out the CMOS battery, left it out for 30 minutes, and restarted.
Held the power button with the power cord unplugged for a minute, plugged it back in and tried again
Put the RAM sticks in different RAM ports
Plugged in a different graphics card, to see if it was perhaps the graphics card breaking down. (Same problem)
Plugged in the different graphics card into a different graphics card slot (My motherboard has two)

Please, if anyone at all can help, I'd be most appreciative. I've been fiddling with this thing for the longest time, and I'm beyond frustrated. Nothing I do seems to help with the problem at all and the last thing I want to do is spend money I don't have at a PC repair location.

My important specs are as follows:

Gigabyte USB 3.0 Onboard Acceleration Ultra Durable 3 Motherboard GA-P55-USB3
Nvidia GeForce 9800 GTX+ Graphics card (EVGA built it)
Fatal1ty 550 Watt power supply
Intel i5 processor 2.67 ghz x 4 ?
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  1. Have you tried
    updating your drivers?
  2. do you have the monitor selecting the proper input. VGA if using the VGA ports, DVI if using the DVI port.......ect
  3. Yes, The drivers are updated.

    and Yes, the monitor is on the proper input.
  4. Do you have a motherboard speaker, hearing any beeps? I would also pull the video card and switch to integrated graphics to isolate that card. Do you have access to another power supply that is know to work, if so lets try that.

  5. My motherboard does not have a speaker, and my motherboard doesn't have integrated graphics either.

    I do not have access to another power supply, and the power supply appears to be working for the most part. Like I said, it powers the computer for a few minutes, but I do not get a signal to my monitor.
  6. Do you have another Monitor to test?
  7. The monitor works fine, I plugged my xbox in using the monitor, and it works like a charm.

    Is there any chance that maybe the CMOS battery is dead and I need to purchase a new one? Would the CMOS battery being dead stop the PC from booting up?

    Also, The same problem where the first time I turn it on, it turns off in a second, then restarts and stays on for longer, is still happening.
  8. Just bought a new CMOS battery and put it in.

    No change in issue.
  9. Try replacing it, cheap and one more thing to remove from a possible list of problems.
    Do you have anything else in, or plugged into the machine? USB sticks, PCI cards? Just one more thing (maybe a couple), just because the power supply appears to work, it may not be working well. If you can borrow one from somewhere??? What type of Led's are on your motherboard (power, mem, cpu?) and are they all indicating properly? Is the CPU cooler's fan spinning? Check the Power supply cables to the motherboard, both 24 and 8pin(i think you did this but you just said wires).
  10. The only PCI slot in use is my GeForce 9800 GTX+.
    The LEDs on my motherboard that are lighting up are the ones that always light up at start up. They say 1 2 3 and 4, a green light, yellow, orange and red.

    The CPU cooler's fan is spinning accordingly and the power supply cables to the motherboard are plugged in tight as well, inside one of the plugs on the power supply wire, the little metal ring is missing, but the rest of them are intact (on the 24 pin.)
  11. You said "The CPU cooler's fan is spinning accordingly and the power supply cables to the motherboard are plugged in tight as well, inside one of the plugs on the power supply wire, the little metal ring is missing, but the rest of them are intact (on the 24 pin.)"

    We may need to check this little metal ring missing. I looked at your manual and it looks like all of the pins are being used. But the manual also states that you have a speaker? We need to check the model of your motherboard and verify. Look at the 24 pin connector again, and look at you schematic in the manual. If you are missing this metal ring then you may not be getting the proper supply of juice to the motherboard. See if we can figure this out before the rest below.

    One more try of troubleshooting. After you replace the battery, boot with only cpu and cooler, 1 stick of ram, and video. Unplug every thing else, and see if we can get into BIOS, better if you do it outside the case on cardboard to remove any chance of shorts.
    See link for instructions

    If no boot I am going to guess its the power supply, we have checked everything else and when you replace the CMOS battery I am out of ideas.

    One other thing is to make sure you video card is on one of the 12v rails by its self. what I saw on newegg is that it has 2 12 v rails rated to 25 amps. I think they split the rails that way but check the documentation on the power supply.

    If nothing maybe buy a new power supply retail (that model you have does have some bad reviews) and, return it (the new one) if it makes no difference. Watch the amps on the new power supply that video card appears to eat up some amps (11a) and then add everything else in.
  12. Hey looks like the power supply may not have had the little metal thing. According to the ps manual pin 20 is not used. Maybe verify this is the same pin.
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