HD7950 gpu usage with q6600

Hi, I recently replaced my hd6870 with an hd7950 - MSI Twin Frozr iii oc edition, I have a q6600 @ 3.6ghz (was aware there would be some bottleneck)

I used to run bf3 on medium settings at reasonable frame rates, never dipping below 40fps and had gpu usage of 80%+ even on 64p b2k maps.

Since using my new card, I have seen literally no improvement in bf3 at all, if anything its worse, on medium settings on gulf of oman 64p fps dips right down to low 30's at 1080p with gpu usage of 50%

Higher settings give higher fps than the 6870 managed but the game runs badly

3d mark has gpu usage of 100%

Crysis 2 maxes out on the ultra preset and runs at 40+fps with 80% + gpu usage, often hitting 99% - the game runs very well

Is this the amount of bottleneck I should be seeing in bf3 or is something wrong?!

I was aware there would be a bottleneck just wasn't expecting it to be this extreme.

Any help appreciated.
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  1. The problem is your CPU, although I wouldn't expect it to be quite this bad. BF3 MP with 64 players is one of the most CPU-bottle-necked configurations that I know of for gaming, if not the most CPU-bottle-necked gaming configuration. Try overclocking to 4GHz (if feasible for you) and see if that helps. If not, then you're best option would be upgrading to an LGA 1155 motherboard with an i5 CPU.
  2. Battlefield 3 is a very cpu intensive game, and you have an older cpu. Crysis 2 is a graphics card intensive game so you see your graphics card shine more.

    I do not however know why your 7950 would be doing worse than the 6870 in BF3.
  3. Time to get new cpu/moth combo:)
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