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Can someone recommend RAM, and cooling situation. Want to overclock, never did before. Also I do not want a gigantic heatsink. This unit will be moving 4 times a year between college and home and I do not want a big heavy heatsink over my cpu. Also for aesthetics. Is the only remaining option water-cooling? Lastly, will this Motherboard support the 2 USB 3.0 that are in the front of so many cases? (If not, would any adapters change that or no).


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  1. Hi, Your mother board has one front i/o 3.0 usb header and 6 usb 3.0 slots in the rear so that should be no worry. If you want to overclock there are a ton of good air coolers but the really good ones come way too close in price to a all in one water cooling unit like the ones offered by Corsair. I had really good experiences with the Corsair H100 and I highly recommend it or any of the Corsair Hydro series.
  2. That SSD is overpriced. Get the Vertex 4, it's better and only $99.99


    Yes, the motherboard will support front panel USB 3.0

    Maybe you should just skip on overclocking 'til you learn more about it, and worry about the CPU cooler then. There aren't much decent air coolers that don't have big heatsinks.
  3. Is there anyway to split that front usb 3.0 header? I was actually just reading up on the H100 :). Any thoughts on RAM. I do not want to put off OC. I am doing this build in December so I am using this time to learn.
  4. o did not see your post Excella. TY.
  5. There are 2 usb 3.0 ports on front of case, yet only 1 front usb 3.0 on MB. Thats why I am asking. will it support Both of them? How?
  6. Ohh.. hun, if this is for December, I suggest you come back here when it's near that time or the date of your purchase.

    New technology and prices change so fast, the stuff we suggest/recommend you now will have already changed by then.

    Also, the H100 isn't worth the price IMO.
    The difference in temps in terms of cooling compared to the high-end air coolers like Noctua NH-D14 and Thermalright Silver Arrow is like 1-3.
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