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Hello ! I just bought a new PC from a company and I brought the graphic card myself because they have complete machines and their graphic card wasn't enough for me so :D the one I got is MSI Twin frozr HD 7870 and the problem is that the machine has only 450w of power supply branded Chieftec or something and I asked the guy if thats going to be enough for my system with that graphic card and he said its ok since the psu is Chieftec which I have no idea what's the difference btw this one and other brands , and I'm just worried that its not going to be enough since I'm gonna be playing BF3 at Ultra .anyway here is my system :

Intel I5 LGA1155 3350 3.3-3.7 Ghz
Msi Twin Frozr HD 7870
8GB of ram ( x2 4GB ) 1333mhz
1.5 TB hard 5400 rpm
Motherboard : P8H61
DVD writer

Thank you!
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  1. I recommend you to change power supply even if it is sufficient enough. A good quality power supply is extremely important and I can't stress this enough. I recommend you to buy the Corsair GS 600. Don't trust the guy at the shop, they like to give bad brands away so you end up getting back to get a new one '_'...

    - Fastreaction
  2. Not all Chieftec's are bad, many are made by CWT, the same OEM company that makes Corsair's. But, I'm not sure what PSU you have from them, and I wouldn't want to run such a power hungry card on such a small PSU. I would probably buy this: http://www.newegg.com/Product/Product.aspx?Item=N82E16817151096
  3. http://extreme.outervision.com/PSUEngine according to this recommended PSU is 397 W :S and by the way I live in Europe so I'm not able to shop from Newegg :D so do u think I still need to get a new one ? cause I'm really tight on the cash right now :)
  4. It is not a MUST but you could see it as a MUST since a bad power supply could give bad consequences. This does not mean that it always results in bad consequences but I just would advise people to buy a good power supply.

    - Fastreaction
  5. The reason that I don't really care is because of 3years warranty on everything on this PC so anything happens to it , I throw it at their face :D but if its really necessary then I guess I'll just go for it somehow !
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