Computers Keep Freezing No BSOD/Keyboard& Mouse not responding/No Hard drive

This computer is a very Old Computer
Motherboard-Photon PF1 (ECS Taiwan)
CPU-Pentium 4 HT (2CPU) 3GHZ ~ 2.92GHZ
GPU: Sapphire Radeon HD 4650 AGP 1GB DDR2 (600Core MHZ Clock/800Memory Mhz Clock)
Ram:512 MB x 4 (2096MB) of RAM DDR 2
550W ZPOWER - Gaming Series Power Supply PSU

Activities (things i tried)
-Windows XP Reformation CD SP3 (Valid non Cracked)
-Re updating Bios
-Crashes even before i updating Windows XP Updates and after
-Safe Mode Crash
-Sometimes Crash before Windows Start
-Constant Re installing Video Card Driver
-Replaced 2 Bad Memory Chips still freezing
-Cleaned Computer
-Driver Check
-Checked For Slightly loose parts (Excluding CD Rom / FloppyDisk / Harddrive)

I have searched Similar many many relating to this Non were resolved

However did notice that this issue only happens to Home Built Computers
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  1. My first thought considering you can't even get into safe mode without a crash, is a component on the MB is failing. My 2nd thought would be the power supply is failing.
  2. I have searched Similar Issue relating to mines many were Not resolved
    It include person replacing old parts back to the computers and still freezes
    Person replugging the parts and still crashes
    Do something or not

    However did notice that this issue mostly happens to Self Built Computers

    Also crash are random and there no pattern to it

    Sometimes mouse light turn off mostly it does not.
    Sometimes it Freezes few min or hours that day
    Sometimes it Freezes in days 2++ days

    In Safe Mode
    Only Freezes 1 Time

    It now freeze before i even go Safe Mode and sometimes freezes before going to Windows XP Loading Bar Screen

    I had a High CPU Temp Problem (which i fixed with some special thermal paste not artic sliver) on Early April 2012 did not have any crash or any freezing until Jan 13 2013 (I think first freezing)
    Replaced Bad Memory 2 Bad Memory Ram which was checked by Sandra Lite
    Even with 1 non corrupted (XEROX Memory Chip)

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