GT 650m i5 vs GT 630m i7 for gaming

I was just wondering if an intel i7 2670QM, GT 630m, 6gb RAM would perform better than an intel i5 3210m, GT 650m, 4gb RAM for gaming and general use?
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  1. Go with the i5+ GT 650m. The i5 may be dual-core, but a GT 630 will not be enough for higher-end gaming. What games do you plan on playing?
  2. For gaming? A desktop :). Cheaper and better, take my advise and you won't regret having a strong desktop :).

    - Fastreaction
  3. Thanks for the answers guys, im not wanting a desktop as i also want the laptop for school work, general use and having a portable computer that i could take to my friends house and stuff.

    I was sort of steering towards the i5 as the gt 650m is supposed to be so much more powerful than the gt 630m. As for games, anything and everything from COD to GTA V when it comes out.

    I heard GTA was quite CPU intensive though and was just wanting an experts opinion if an i5 would run it lag free :D
  4. It will depend on the resolution. That GPU (GT 650M) is absolutely not an high end gpu card. If you want to play on high/ultra on 1920x1080 you would need a GTX 680M. Expensive :( and that's why I suggest buying a desktop.

    - Fastreaction
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