No display from Graphics card on new motherboard

I have the hp p6-2003w

I put a GTX 560 TI graphics card into it awhile back and just recently I put in the EVGA z68 sli motherboard with a new i7 2600k. Everything powers up fine. I am getting "No signal" from the monitor. I tried both the VGA and DVI plug ins but its not detecting either. Have tried putting the card in both slots but still getting no video and no beats. I use a 750W PSU. All the Fans on the graphics card, cpu , and such are powering up. all LEDs are on but i'm just getting no signal to the monitor. I tried to connect it to VGA on my tv but still got no signal. "Monitor is going to sleep" over and over again.

Tried taking the Ram out and putting it in each of the slots. ( I only have one 4gb ram stick) And none of that worked. I tried putting the graphics card into the first slot instead of the second and that didn't work either. Could it be I dont have something plugged into the right spot? such as the hard drive or disk drive? The graphics card worked fine on the other motherboard . I also see that my motherboard is for DDR3 240 pin Ram. I'm not entirely sure if my current ram is 240 pin. on the specs it just says 4gb DDR3-1333. I don't know if it is DIMM or not but could this be the problem? This mobo also has no on board video. Do I have to hook up my old setup and download the drivers for the new motherboard then switch back? I'm just lost at what to do at this point.
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  1. If the card works on another machine, it would appear the board is defective. You do have the PCIe power connector plugged in, right?

    I don't know of any DDR3 1333MHZ memory that isn't 240 pin.

    You need no drivers whatsoever when you boot to BIOS. IF you breadboard the motherboard, GPU, memory, PSU, and monitor... (leave everything else disconnected)... and can't get a display, I would have to assume it is the card or the board. If you're sure the card is OK, then it's the board. (Don't forget to be sure your monitor is set for whichever output your are using; DVI, HDMI, VGA)
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