Upgrading the AMD Athlon II processor in my Dell all in one

I'd like to know if anyone out there knows much about swapping out CPU's on the 2305 all in one's. I'd like to up grade my current AMD Athlon II 240e x2 2.80 GHz processor. I have already upgraded to 8GB of RAM and feel this is the next step!
I believe it uses socket AM3 and 45nm Technology but beyond that I don't know what is currently on the market that will be compatible.

I'd also like to know if anyone has either added a second stock fan as there is a space for it, or has modified the cooling system on their units.

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  1. I would look for an am3 620, 630, or 640 quad core if you can't replace the stock cooler. Phenom II's might work, but only the 95w versions, which are hard to find.
  2. not sure on what all in ones support or motherboards, but there is a phenom II x6 1045t thats still selling as new from tigerdirect for $100 its a 95watt cpu but with it theres no ghz increase as its at 2.7Ghz but still a phenom six core.

    I dont even know what the motherboard can take as in for support but being from the same generation of cpus but as long as it takes 95watt cpus should be good. Because that 240e is a 45watt cpu

    In the case of a 45watt cpu best option would be a athlon ii x4 620e, in the phenom II line all "e" cpus are 65watt
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