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All my fans are working in my storm trooper case but I have no control of the fans with the fan controller.They all seem to be going the same speed including the fans on the H100i .Anyone know what I should check so the ST fan controller will work.
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  1. I'd recommend reconnecting the wires into your motherboard.
    If it persists i'd try checking if the buttons are faulty i.e. out of place.

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  2. is the fan controller lit up?

    if you keep pressing the plus or minus speed does the controller bleep?
  3. see if the fans need pwm to control them some do some dont.
    you will know if there not pwm as they will whine when pwm is enabled in bios.
    if they do need it but not all fans in the case use it. then set it in bios and connect the fan controler to the motherboard and all your pwm fans to it.
    connect the other fans to the psu or molex.
  4. I had a similar issue when I put all my gear into this case recently. Re-wired things (as I was an idiot and un-wired everything in the beginning) and magically I got all my fans working, and the controller (plus lights). Make sure that you have the molex connector connected in the back of the controller up in the top front corner. I think what did it for me is I tried a different power slot on the psu and things just worked. So yeah try to re-connect and make sure all the power connectors are good.
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