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I got the A8-3870k with the asus 6670 and did hybrid crossfire(dual graphics) everything is perfect and dual graphics is working, however, I can't use the display port from my graphics card, only the dvi display port on the mobo works. Also, when I check my settings it says my graphics card is the 6550d(the integrated graphics on the a8) I know the dual graphics is working because I can play dirt 3 on high preset with 60fps. How can I use the display port on my graphics card? I really want to use the hdmi port on the graphics card, my mobo doesn't have it.
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  1. Does anyone know the problem? I just tried yesterday and I plugged in my hdmi port to try an connect my pc to the tv and it doesn't work so I'm guessing all the display ports on my discrete gpu is disabled, for the dual graphics, it makes the system start the onboard graphics first then they start the 6670 after so they can both run at the same time. Both graphics card are still running though right? So shouldn't the hdmi port on the graphics card work?
  2. I got some more info on the problem, I went in my bios and set my discrete gpu as the primary graphics card. When I do that, the display ports works again but then my pc doesn't recognize the integrated graphics, how do I make my pc recognize the integrated graphics when my discrete gpu boots first?
  3. Is it possible that the hdmi display port is broken? If so I can contact amazon for a replacement or something because this time I tried using only the discrete gpu with no crossfire, the dvi port from the gpu works on my monitor but I tried the hdmi port to my tv and I couldn't see anything.
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