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I'm currently trying to put together a solid build that will run WoW, SWTOR, maybe Skyrim and some FPS' as well. Nothing ultra or anything crazy just want to be able to enjoy the games and run them quickly. First time doing anything like this; I've done a little research and was looking for some input on the below setup:

Feel free to be brutally honest with me as I want to learn more about this...also anyone have an opinion on getting it pre-assembled vs. buying the parts individually and putting it together?
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  1. Well, there have been many horror stories of people receiving damaged merchandise from the prebuild sites, we just helped a user who received his PC from Cyberpower and the GPU was just floating around free in the case, not hooked into anything. I have also seen complaints about cases being damaged, and from what I have read the support isn't that great. Also, you pay a premium at these sites to choose your own manufacturer, and although they look like they are giving you tons of free stuff, the reality is that you could buy the components individually and pay much less putting it together yourself. As long as you take the time to study and prepare to build your own PC, it is much easier than you would think, and the knowledge you gain is invaluable. I looked at Cyberpower and some other pre-builders before deciding to build myself, and I could not be happier that I did.
  2. I agree with Chugot. You should take a few weeks and learn how to build it yourself. There is a sticky here to walk you through how to pick hardware and how to install every piece. I just did my first build a little over a month ago and it was much easier than I thought. It took me about 5 hours and it felt great to turn it on the first time. You will save some money and then be able to fix it yourself and understand better how it works.
  3. Thanks for the advice. I could definitely see myself building it from parts. As far as the computer goes though does everything look good for gaming?
  4. Yeah, it looks okay, but you can get a better config for a cheaper/similar price, either search for a build on here in your price range or someone can help toss one together for you.
  5. Alrighty....based on the advice here I am probably going the DIY route.

    How does this build look?
  6. Don't go AMD for gaming. Is there a microcenter by you? You will be disappointed with that monitor and graphics card. You could use a better PSU too. What is the most you are willing to spend?
  7. Eh I really wanted to keep it under 1,000 but I could manage 1,100. Gotta replace the damn brakes on the bmw which is going to kill my cash flow
  8. I would recommend an i5-3450, H77 mobo, and 7850. Maybe a Seasonic 520W PSU. For the monitor you should shoot for a 23" 1920x1080. You could replace the brakes yourself on your car and save some money. Disc brakes are really simple.
  9. So with the intel set up I came up with this....thoughts? Also, just looked up and there is a microcenter like 5 mins from my office which is perfect.
  10. Microcenter has a deal i5-3570k for $189.99 and $50 off a z77 mobo. I would recommend getting the 3570k and and extreme 4 at microcenter, since you have an opportunity to go there. You will also want to get an aftermarket heat sink. The Coolermaster 212 evo is good. Get 2x4GB Corsair Vengeance LP (yours seems to cost more for no reason). Everything else looks good to me.

    Asrock extreme 4 Z77
    Corsair vengeance LP
    212 evo

    Let me know if you have another question. You should compare prices to microcenter to see what you should get where. Some other parts migt be cheaper there.
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