I5 with gtx 680 or i7 with gtx 670?

Hi I'm soon going to build my first PC.
But i got stuck when selecting CPU and GPU!
I don't know if i should get an i5 3570k with a MSI gtx 680 lightning.
OR a i7 3770k with an asus gtx 670 directCU ii TOP.

I do most gaming a bit of 3D,Video,Photo editing not much but i think i will do some more by time.
What is most future proof (2-3 years)
And what do you think is best?


Sorry for bad english.
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  1. Heavy video and photo editing will benefit from the i7 and more RAM, if you are looking towards more gaming go with the better GPU. If you think you are going to be doing heavy editing in the future, the i7 will give you more "future proofing", but performance with the i5 won't be bad either. Personally I would go with the i5 and the 680, or just the i5 and 670 and save some money in the future should you decide you want to upgrade to i7 or a 7-series nvidia when they are released supposedly next year. I think there will be new CPU's next year as well, so I think you could upgrade either a step up then for cheaper (i5 to i7 or 670 to 680 or wait for the 7 series).
  2. The i5 is a very good cpu and would work very well for gaming so that and the high end gpu is a very good build will play ultra on games for 4 or 5 years least
  3. The 670 has 95% of the performance of the 680. I'm not kidding. The i7 makes no difference in games compared to the i5.

    But, if you plan on doing a lot of video and photo editing, I would suggest you stick with the i7 and 670. If you don't plan on doing much, I would stick to the i5.
  4. Video editing etc. will benefit from the hyperhreading of an i7.
    Games right now don't.

    If you do a lot of video editing, 3d modeling an i7 would be a good idea, if you just do it occasionally, you will most likely be satisfied with the i5.

    Now the 680 isn't really worth the price increase over the 670, so I would go with the 670 in either case. Buying a nice ssd makes much more sense than going for an 680 over the 670.
  5. Since you did mention video editing I would say go for the i7 and the 670.
    The 670 can be overclocked to meet 680 speeds too.

    Also the 680 you have listed is the Msi LIGHTNING edition. A recent news article stated that Msi is heavily overvolting some components in their lightening edition GPUs and that will greatly reduce their life span.

    So Bottomline
    i7 with 670!
  6. But it depends on the amount of video editing. If you're doing it only a few hrs. per week, than the i5 is the best choice.If you plan on doing more than that, than get the i7. But in either case, stick to the 670.
  7. Thanks for the responses everyone. I'm getting the i7 with the gtx 670.
    Because i felt that the i5 with gtx 680 where aimed too much at gaming now.
    And it's future proof :D
  8. The i7 isn't futureproof. There's no such thing. For gaming, it will last just as long as an i5. But for video and photo editing, it will last longer.
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