No internet connection after waking the computer

i recently installed win7 and everything has been fine except for when the computer goes to sleep and after i wake it up, it doesn't connect to the internet unless i forcibly restart the computer, which means holding the power button, since it takes forever to shut down. even when it does shut down after about half an hour it restarts and says it did not shut down properly.....

and both of these problems only occur after i wake up the computer from sleep mode.

Any solutions?
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  1. Sounds like the network adapter has its own power saving mode set to turn off to save energy. In Control Panel>System>{Hardware of XP}>Device Manager, right click the network adapter and go to Properties then right click Power Managemenet. Untick the option to "allow the computer to turn this device off", click Apply and OK your way out.

    Hopefully it's that simple.

  2. what do you mean by hardware of XP?

    i have win7....

  3. It's a typographical error and should have been if XP. It reflects the different path to Device Manager in Vista and Windows 7from the way XP goes - an extra button to click for Hardware before DV shows up.

    Sorry about that but the older I get, the more typos I seme ti mak. :D

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