PC will not Boot, CPU fan spins and i hear a click, then it all stops then repea

I use this computer as a Media center it mostly just stores Movies, plays netflix and the like. I do from time to time play games on it but not too often. Woke up the other morning and it was off, its normally left on. Tryed to reboot it and it would not come up.

at this point i would press power i would see the CPU fan spin once and then nothing.

Thinking that i blew out the PSU ive tryed replaceing it.

at this point i would press power and the CPU fan would spin up i'd hear a click and then it would stop. this cycle repeats itself.

I've tryed, new / differant RAM, a known good PSU of larger wattage, reseating all wires cables, heat sinks and even the CPU and Mobo...

no change in what would happen when i hit the Mobo

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  1. The "click" sounds ominous to me. That's usually the hard drive's read/write heads that are trying to move but can't because they are jammed. The only fix for that is a new hard drive.
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