Cheap sound card?

Hi guys :)

I am getting new speakers Edifier S730 as upgrade from Bose Companion 3 for more bass :3

I am looking at good sound card!

I have on-board sound and motherboard is 5 year old at least!

I have been looking at this:

Maybe it can improve the sound of my Bose?

Also is there a sound card with eq software so I can change mids lows etc?

How to find out what my sound card is? Maybe it is not on-board but I think it is.

Thanks :3
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  1. Most probably your onboard shows as realtec in device manager. If you download and install the latest drivers from the realtec site, you get the equilizer for free. Your mobo should also have a optical or coaxial digital audio output. Use that with the Edifier S730 and you can change the bass setting with the included remote control.
  2. Thanks. Will there be any improvement getting a sound card in terms of overall sound quality?
  3. Only if you stay with the analog connection. That's why i recommend the digital connection. The speakers have there own "soundcard" (in fact it's a DA converter) and that should be optimized for the speakers.
  4. Oh ok thanks, I think S730 is digital and is also known as S730D thus the D meaning digital. How can I find out if the Bose are D or A?

    Thanks again for your replys :)
  5. The Bose is analog. Digital has different plugs.
  6. Thanks for your help. I just have one more question. For this speakers I will be using an EU adapter. The speakers come from Germany and I will use them in the UK. I will turn off at night. Is this safe?

    Thanks again ;3
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