Building a new computer, got the parts all ready to purchase Thoughts?

What do you guys think?
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  1. Is this for gaming? You can save money for gaming for going for the i5-3570K over the 3770K. There is literally no difference in gaming whatsoever.

    The ASUS Sabertooth is way overpriced and not worth the money. If you are doing heavy overclocks, go for the Gigabyte Z77X-UP5 TH.

    But if you are just overclocking regular, get the ASRocke Extreme4 Z77.

    For gaming, 16GB of RAM is overkill.

    If you are video rendering and what not, you will see benefits from the i7, but the motherboard would still not be worth it. Neither would the 16GB.
  2. Deemo is right. What do you want to do with your PC? If all you do is game I would change pretty much everything. If you do video editing/rendering and game, most of the parts you are listing are a good choice. There are things I would still change though.
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