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So currently I've got a 500w PSU powering my gaming/ work PC. I built this about 3 and a half months ago and at the time i had limited resources but now I'm thinking of changing my case and adding another 500GB 7200RPM HDD, with my new case might also come with 2-3 chassis fans. My specs is CURRENTLY this:

ASUS Motherboard - P8Z77-V LX
1x 500GB Seagate Barrucuda 7200RPM
(4 x 2) 8GB 1600MHZ Kingston RAM
Core i5 3570k CPU overclocked slightly to 4.1Ghz
Galaxy GTX 660 TI - factory overclocked
1x ASUS DVD/CD reader
All this being powered by a 500w PSU (no problems at all with these currently)

My question is would i be able to add another 7200RPM HDD and change the PC case into a better one that has 3 LED chassis fans without changing my PSU??
(Chassis fans come with a fan controller btw, not sure if it matters)

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  1. If the PSU is a good quality one then you will have no problems with it.
  2. It should work fine, neither the drive or the fans are big consumers of electricity. This of course is pending that you have a good 500watt PSU that delivers what is promised.
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    It's more than likely going to be fine. Just as a point of reference my machine is:

    7850 2GB@975
    8GB (2x4) DDR3-2133
    2x1TB 7200RPM drives
    1x60GB SSD

    When I plug my machine in to a kill-a-watt, in general usage my power from the wall is about 120 watts, while playing games it's about 160 watts, and if I run a CPU, GPU, and 3xHDD benchmark to peg everything all at 100% it's 220watts. Keep in mind that this is from the wall, and since my power supply is about 80% efficient or so that means in each case the power supply is actually supplying 96, 128, and 176 watts respectively.

    If you take a look at you will notice your video card doesn't use all that much more power than mine does. I'm sure you are well under your 500w as long as it's not some weird 'super dee duper ultra mega brand' supply.
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