New Video Card changed plans.

I'm a college student so I don't have the resources to overhaul my comp at once. I just brought up my old desktop and was planning to replace the components starting with the CPU/mobo/ram and then worry about Graphics card (and PSU if necessary). I had saved up enough money to do the first part when I found a deal I could not pass up on a gtx 680. I was planning to go for a 580/560 so it's more card then I was planning for. I was expecting to have major lag in games due to the processor but things seem to be running very well about 95% of the time. Every once in a while there is a small skip but since I've only been playing offline/story modes (Borderlands 2, assassin's Creed, Fifa) it isn't really a huge deal. I am making the switch from PS3 gaming so the quality is already great in comparison. I want to get BF3 but based on the reviews, I'm afraid I'll need a whole lot more processing power out of my CPU. Will the campaign be playable with my setup as is? Will I see significant boosts to performance in my current games with the new hardware.

I won't be able to throw a large sum of money out there for a while. Plan is to get a 3570K and Asus p8z77-v when I can afford it.

Current setup:
CPU: C2D E6600, OC to 2.8 (Not stable much farther :/ )
Cooler: Thermaltake BT, lapped
Mobo: Gigabyte Ga-EP45-UD3P (1.6)
Graphics: Pilot GTX 680 (previously 2x 9500gt sli)
PSU: BFG LS Series 680w
Case: Antec Solo (cut to fit Graphics card, w/2 front 92mm)
OS: x64 Windows 7 Ultimate
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  1. yeah, you should be fine, I'm assuming you have enough ram??

    out of curiosity, how much the great deal on the 680??
  2. Sounds fine, yes, the mobo, ram and CPU upgrade will give a lot, but weird, you cant get that E6600 higher.

    That was my first CPU ever with OC on. I had it running 100 % stable at 3.6 Ghz with a CM Gemini II with 2 x 120 MM fans. It was great! I had an MSI P35 motherboard, so you also have a better motherboard. I just started with OC at that point, so I never tried higher clock, but I think I could. Have you read closer about OC of the E6600?
  3. Oops. I knew I forgot something. I have 8gb (4x2gb) of ddr2 1066.

    Open box for 380
  4. mzisman4 said:
    Open box for 380

    That's a pretty good deal.
  5. I read through the C2D/C2Q guide here and followed a youtube video for my mobo. This is my first OC so I'm still learning. I've been changing the FSB. It was blue screening once a day @3Ghz.
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    BF3 single player should run ok on your Rig
    BF3 multiplayer would be very hard on your CPU specially in the bigger sized matches
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