Does my motherboard supports intel i3 or i5 processors . Help needed

My motherboard is gigabyte g41mt-s2 rev 1.3 . I'm currently running intel core 2 duo e7500 2.93 ghz . I want to know whether i can use i5 or i3 with that same motherboard . Core 2 duo is a 45nm cpu . So my motherboard specs tell that it supports 45nm intel multicore processors , so can i use a i5 which is a 45nm cpu . And my motherboard says gt support core 2 duo , core 2 quad , core 2 extreme too . As i am new to this cpu thing i would use some answers . Plz .
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  1. no sorry.

    core 2 duo uses the socket 775 motherboards

    first gen core i3,i5 use 1156 (1366 for high end cpu)

    second and third generation use 1155 (2011 for the high end chips)
  2. Any other better cpu available for that motherboard . Amd may be .
  3. Anyone :-(
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