Gigabyte GPU ??????

Hi this is my first build and I was picking out parts for a gaming computer. I was looking for GPUs and I came across this :

I was wondering if this was a good graphics card and was worth the money.

Another question I had was about the number of fans on a GPU. I was wondering if they affected the noise, price, power, etc. of the given GPU.

Any forms of help are appreciated! If you know of any other GPU that are better than this and close to the price of this one please tell me as I need all the help I can get.

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  1. Well, we need more info here...
    Do you mind telling us your full specs?
    CPU? RAM? Mobo? PSU? Monitor?

    7870 is a good gaming card, well.. depends on above things. It requires 2x6pin power connector from PSU, so I suggest you get 650W or more reliable brand like Corsair, Antec, SilverStone...
  2. The amount of fans is really not the only thing you should be looking for on a GPU if you want to factor in noise, price and power/etc. You should also look how hefty the heatsink is, along with number of heatpipes, maybe there is a backplate heatsink? The more of/better those components are factor into how hard the fan(s) may work, thus changing the factors you are asking about.

    ig. Crappy heatsink = heat isn't dissipated from GPU well, fans must work harder to bring in cold air/blow hot air hot resulting in more fans needing to spin more = taking up more power (although pretty insignificant value compared to what the whole board consumes, lol) and that results in more noise. It's all connected.

    Also you need to be able to distinguish if the fans operate in blow heat outside case config, or take cold air in case and recycle into warmer air.
  3. I was wondering what brand you think is better. I am trying to decide between the Gigabyte GPU 7870 or the Sapphire GPU 7870.


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