Trying to revive old system--could use some help

My fairly older homebuilt kept conking out and turning off right after the post, and losing all video on the monitor. I had already eliminated the video card as a culprit. Next, I installed a new power supply (Corsair CX500, up from original 430 watts). Now I get nothing at all on the monitor, and two beeps at startup, but the fans keep on spinning. I unplugged and reconnected both the 4 pin and 24 connectors, same for hard drive, and switched and re-sat the memory. I also tried starting with the onboard graphics on the MB instead of the video card. Same two beeps, no video, but fans are powered up.

So, any suggestions on next steps? My four options seems to be:

-- Pull everything out of the case and rebuild it from scratch (but I feel I've practically done this)
-- New motherboard
-- New CPU
-- Both of the above

System now includes:
-- Corsair CS500 PSU
-- Asus P5LD2-VM motherboard
-- Intel Pentium D 820 LGA775 2.80 CPU
-- 2GB Memory (2x1)

Perhaps not even worth it, but I'm not ready to afford a new build, so want to get this computer up and running as inexpensively as possible (and fight the temptation to turn it into something more than it is).

Any suggestions or guesses greatly appreciated!

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  1. Try it with one stick of memory in each slot, then with the other.

    If that doesn't work you could get a new CPU/mobo combo for about the same price as an LGA775 CPU would cost these days, so you could just get a cheap A55 mobo and A4 or A6. Or you could go the SB pentium way.
  2. Thanks for that reply. Makes sense. Would you say there is a big difference between A4 and A6?
  3. Depends on whether you use Llano or Trinity. Llano A6s are quad core vs dual core A4.
    Trinity uses one piledriver module (close to two cores) for both A4 and A6, with A8 and A10 having two (~4 cores).

    Other option is an i3 or pentium, though they don't have as good integrated graphics.
  4. Thanks again. Just went and ordered new Mobo and CPU--A6--and feel like I'm itching the build bug at least a bit at the same time!
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