Transfering OS to a new mobo and ssd

Ok so im not new to computer building but for a budget 3d workstation build i was hoping to take my windows 7 64 bit from my old gaming rig and transfer it to my new build. Here's whats going on, i got a new mobo for my workstation and an ssd for the build. My old gaming rig has windows 7 64 bit on the hdd. I need the hard drives for the workstation. So is it possisble to transfer the old OS to a new mobo and transfer it to the ssd from the hdd? If so can someone tell me how or point me to a place with the instructions to do so.

My workstation build.

AsRock z77 extreme4, i5 quad core intergrated intel graphics 2500, 8 gigs gskil ripjaws z overclockable, ati firepro v5700 1 gig. This is just a budget build for rendering and graphics upgrades will come. Suggetions for the future upgrades will be nice and very appreciated :)
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  1. Sorry meant the gpu is a ati firepro v4800 lol
  2. I do not think you can transfer an OS per say. If you have the disks you might be able to install the OS to the new computer and not use it for the old one.
  3. I got the old disks for sure, i never thow my computer boxes and manuels away. So its just a matter of installing it on the ssd. But i thought the os install was one computer only?
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