GTX 670 Memory and GPU clock dropping randomly.

When I'm playing a game the Memory Clock will go from 6008 Mhz down to 648 Mhz. The GPU Clock goes from 979 Mhz (1 below base clock) down to 324 Mhz. Sometimes they both will just sit at 324. I had my game up and was doing some more intense stuff and it just sat at those numbers and didn't move. Other times it will go up and down. Could this my a motherboard issue? Everything is still under warranty for another 10 days so I'm trying to decide what to RMA. I was having problems with the mobo a few days ago, but I took the computer apart and put it back together and now everything seems good. It was mostly the USB's not shutting off with the PC and then the USBs would randomly shut off and I would have to unplug everything and plug it back in.
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  1. About to start a 3D Mark Vantage. Will post results.
  2. Overall-21200
    GPU Score-25500
    CPU Score-14100

    It's saying my GPU is red on the battery under Diagnosis and the CPU is green.
  3. Install the 304.79 drivers with the clean install option.
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