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Best Graphics Card For ASUS NCCH-DL

Hello everyone,

I have an old PC that has an ASUS NCCH-DL motherboard, 2 questions:

1. What is the best Desktop Graphics Card I can install?

2. What is the best Professional Graphics Card I can install?

I plan on using 1 card, I want to know what my options are, under both categories.

Thanks in advance!

Motherboard Specs:
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    it appears that the motherboard has a AGP 8x slot so the best card you are going to get for your board gaming wise would be a ATI 4670 1gb good luck finding one though I looked and it appears to be discontinued everywhere. as far as an agp workstation card goes I am at a loss there...I would guess though that an agp workstation card would prolly cost a lot of money and not yield you alot of performance
  2. Oh my god that is an old system. You could build a much more powerful one for as little as $400-500..
  3. you are telling me would be way more worth while to put money down on a whole new system instead of dumping money into this one
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