Best Build for $300???

I already have os, 500gb hdd, 120gb ocz agility III ssd, optical drive and 2 x 4gb kingston hyper x 1600 RAM......

I need CPU, Mobo, Case, PSU, Cooler..... My budget is $400 but came up with this for just over $300...

This is what I found...

Amd A10 $119.00 with code

Biostar mobo $69.99

Rosewill Case/Psu Combo $84.99

Cooler Master Hyper 212 $29.99

2 x rosewill 80mm fans for side $5.99

Any other suggestions??? Missing anything???

7660 Gpu with A10 is adequate for me, no gaming... Mostly hd streaming, etc...

Challenger case comes with 1 x140mm, 2 x 120mm fans so I'll just add 2 x 80mm for sides.... Those fans and 212 cooler plenty of air for warm florida home??? (last AMD fried)

I'm aware that mobo is usb 3.0 and case is only 2.0... I'm okay with this

It also says case comes with 2.5 bracket for ssd.... So no ssd bracket needed???

What about connections, etc??? Tx in advance for your time..... 1st build here...
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  1. Forgot to ask if I should pick up 8 gb 2133 RAM with the extra cash left over from $400.....

    This is $55.00 after code putting me at $365...

    Would the 2133 make that much of a difference compared to the 1600 that I already have???

    I've read that new AMDs flourish with faster RAM....
  2. This looks like it should be an adequate build for a general purpose non-gaming PC. I'd stick with the RAM you have and not worry about upgrading to 2133.

    Make sure you get 120mm fans for the sides, NOT 80mm. Those won't fit. :)
  3. If you insist on getting 2 extra side-panel fans, this is a GREAT fan for you to get.
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