Time for that upgrade.

Got an i5 750 in my system right now, and thinking of replacing it with a 3570K, ASUS P8Z77-V PRO, 2x4 GB 1600MHz low profile RAM and a Modular PSU that is capable of powering 2xOC'ed GTX 670 and an overclocked PCU.

There shouldn't be any clearance problems with the mobo and a Noctua D14?
And I don't know *** about RAM. I know I need around 8GB, and low profile, because of my cooler. Was looking at two Hyper X sticks, any good?
And I need a 750W or greater PSU, a modular one.

Thanks! :wahoo:
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  1. What is the difference between the Hyper X sticks and the Vengeance ones? Why should I get those, and not some other brand?

    Been looking at that PSU, still open for suggestions.
  2. I trust Corsair and GSkill over Kingston. Just personal preference and experience with the brands. As long as the Kingston is 1.5v and the same price or cheaper than what I linked to then go for it. It has a lifetime warranty as well.

    The Seasonic X series is one of the best power supply lines made. Seasonic actually manufacturers power supplies unlike most companies. The make some of the higher end models for Corsair, all XFX models, some models for Antec, most for PC Power and Cooling ect.

    X 750 reviews.

    HardwareSecrets Golden award.


    Jonnyguru 9.5/10 Recommended buy.


    I generally recommend Corsair,Seasonic, PC Power and Cooling, XFX, Silverstone, Enermax, OCZ and Antec. Rosewill has a very solid line with the Super Flower made Capstone series.

    This is the best power supply database on the internet. Everything from real power to actual manufacturer to links to all the good review sites.

  3. Not too easy to get a hold of Seasonic PSU's here in Norway. The X-760 is an option, thogh. The price is about 30% over the XFX one, about 50 dollars. (1000NOK for XFX, and 1300NOK for the X-760)

    I'm standing between two retailers, and one of those is the one with the Seasonic PSU.

    Thanks. :)
  4. The XFX unit is also excellent. As I said above they are Seasonic made.
  5. Not too happy with the PSU so far, thinking of sending it back. The noise from the fan in it is LOUD, compared to the nine Noctua fans I've got inside my case, running at about 60-70%. In attition, I have to have the PSU with the fan facing upwards, since the cable outputs is on the "fan side" of the PSU, which would get in the way of my 140mm fan mounted in the bottom of my 550D. And with the PSU mounted that way, I had to run the the cable to power the CPU across the motherboard, as it got too short to go behind it.

    Thinking of a Corsair AX 750 or 850 watt PSU, as I was wery happy fith the qualiry, performance, and noise levels of my good old VX 550W.

    The retailer I bought the stuff from have a 30 day 100% statisfaction guarantee, so returning it is no problem. The shipping back to them is free too!
  6. You got the XFX? I have not heard of them being loud. You may very well have a bad unit. That happens even with the highest quality stuff. Many cases require a bottom mounted power supply be installed with the fan up. My Antec 1200 does.
  7. Yes, I got the XFX XXX series. The Corsair Obsidian 550D does not require to have the PSU mounted with the fan up, but since I've got a fan mounted in the bottom of the case, and since all the cables from the PSU comes out of the side where the fan sucks in air, the cables would collide with the Noctua fan I've got mounted next to the PSU.

    I have to run my nine Noctua fans at nearly 90% before they are at the same noise level as the PSU, which is not acceptable. And as I said, with the PSU mounted with the fan up, the 8-pin CPU cable is too short to be ran behind the motherboard, so I have to run it over the motherboard, and under the left side of the graphics card, and that does not look too nice.
  8. I don't understand why you couldn't put the PSU right way round. It's obvious it's going to be loud if you put it upside down and the fan has to fight natural convection.
  9. A random picture of a guy with the same case as me, and a fan in the bottom next to the PSU: http://img.techpowerup.org/120509/WP_000094.jpg

    And here is a picture of the PSU: http://www.komplett.no/img/p/800/0c63a5e4-0e79-4eda-a828-d9da2b0d7451.jpg

    With a fan at the bottom, and with the outgoing cables from the PSU being on the same side as the fan, it is impossible to mount the PSU "the right way", with the fan pointing down. The fan will be in the way of the cables.
  10. Fighting natural convection or not, the fan is still noisy compared to my Noctua fans and my old VX 550W PSU. Had that mounted with the fan pointing upwards in my old Antec 300, and it was quite silent, blowing hot air downwards.
  11. Remove the fan, then :lol: I doubt it'll have any effect on your cooling performance.
  12. I'll loose my warranty if I did that, but removing the fan and ghetto mouting something quieter on top would work. But I think I'll get a Corsair AX 750W.
  13. Actually I meant remove the fan on the bottom of the case that's blocking you.
  14. Got that after I posted, But I don't want to do that. Positive air pressure inside the case, you know. :)
  15. Then you're in a Hell of your own making, my friend ;)
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