Megaworks 6.1 or still Promedia 5.1?

I am about to buy speakers for PC, (sound card: SB Audigy 2), which I also use as an eventual sound machine, and since I didnt hear the new Megaworks 6.1 from Creative Labs I would like to hear some subjective comments. Which seems to be better (in SOUND, not other features), Megaworks 6.1 or Promedia 5.1?
And if we consider all the features, including price, which may be better: megaworks, Promedia 5.1 or GMX D-5.1?
Finally, what if I assemble a 5.1 kit using 2 Paradigm Stylus 150 + Stylus CC (center) and complete the set with Promedia 2.1 (for sub woofer and rear)??
Any comments would be appreciated,
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  1. Megaworks is better now.

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  2. For home speakers and their value, I find the Paradigm, excellent. Also, NHT products offer great value for the price. If you have extra Paradigms go for it, I use home speakers for my computer set up and they are major overkill but I have extra amps and speakers laying around.

    For computer speakers I would buy Cambridge soundworks, started by Henry Kloss, who has been in the speaker indusry for 50 plus years. I find then the most accurate of speakers for computers.

    Your setup should be fine, although I find computer subwoofers lacking. Paradigm makes nice ones for homes. The probelm is too you need an amp to drive the home speakers, so you might want to tell us what else you have.

    My preference of order would be:

    All are good depending on the model.

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  3. Oh, almost bought megaworks, and .. new Promedia Ultra comes into scene. I think that their sub is better than the megaworks' but not sure about which overall performance is better... and crossover also..
    Apart, audigy2 is bad performing high tones;Is turtlebeach better for sound and combination with home speakers?
  4. Both are great cards. Im not sure what would be better for using home speakers. You just need a card with good digital passthru into your surround sound processor/pre-amp or receiver since your home stereo will processing the signal.

    Are you going to combine computer speakers with home speakers? I havent tried that so Im not sure if it works.

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    I'm not a number, I'm a free man! :mad:
  5. Depends on what you want and how much you want to spend but I would not take any speakers over my logitech z560s.

    I think for $140 shipped they are absolutely unbeatable at that price. Of all the computer goodies I've ever bought I couldnt exemplify how much of a bargain these are. Honest.

    The highs COULD be accused of being lacking, though I dont find them lacking at ear splitting levels. and the bass is superior to anything I've heard. Maybe 2 or more of the klipsch subs would match the logitech but I don't know because I havent shopped for speakers in some time.

    If you are some kind of audiophile, its my feeling that if you need something better than the Z560 (or the 5.1 model they have out now) then you are best off just going all the way and getting a real 5.1 homestereo system for your computer.
    As some of those other models get so expensive (the klipsch model with comparable sound runs about $400) it would be worth it to get something better than those and get some equipment that is useful for something other than your PC (when apart from your PC that is).
    And since I use headphones quite often for gaming (because I like headphones with microphone enabled games and for night), I couldnt justify spending more than what I did.

    Good luck and I hope I helped you.

    1700+, Epox 8RDA, 512MB DDR266 DualDDR, Radeon 9800 Pro, Audigy, Logitech Z560s, MX500, Maxtor 80gig 8mb cache
  6. I'm sorry but I have to elaborate (while getting my post count up). :smile:
    I could list the dozens of reasons why I would say either Z560s or home stereo but i would say save yourself some $$... I forgot to mention that the logitechs use standard wire connectors. Which means your not stuck with short wires like alot of computer speakers. I switched out the crappy 24gauge wire that came with mine and replaced it with 16gauge. I think it mightve actually increased the sound quality!

    1700+, Epox 8RDA, 512MB DDR266 DualDDR, Radeon 9800 Pro, Audigy, Logitech Z560s, MX500, Maxtor 80gig 8mb cache
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