Heavy FPS drops, DIRT3 Benchmark, shows 110 min fps

Hey guys,

The title says most of it. I tried playing Dirt 3 for the first time on my new computer and experienced some heavy FPS drops at random moments. I tried running the benchmark tool the game has and the same FPS drops appeared. The final score was 130 fps average and 110 minimum... It doesn't make sense to me. The screen freezes for half a sec or something and then the frame rate speeds up again.

What could the problem be? I'm at a loss since the benchmark and what I can see are 2 different things.
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  1. it could be screen tearing, which is is when your gpu is showing more frames then you monitor can show, so if you have a 60hz monitor then screen tearing might happen. download fraps cause it lets you see how many frames your getting
  2. It might be screen tearing :/ weird though, I have vertical sync on.. My monitor can handle 120fps
  3. Are you using SLI?, have you tried turning on Adaptative V-Sync?
  4. where do i do that?

    If you're talking about vertical sync in an application then I've already done that.. Adaptive vertical sync, I don't know.
  5. No idea, maybe from your game options?

    Are you running in SLI configuration?
  6. Not SLI as such, but it has 2 GPU's. It's a GTX 690.

    I found out how to enable it, and changed some options in the game. Now it works.

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