AMD Radeon HD 7690M (2 GB DDR5)VS Nvidia GeForce GT630M(2GB DDR3)

Hi every one >> I want to buy a New HP laptop pro book and I found 2 Categories
one with AMD Radeon HD 7690M (2 GB DDR5) and the other with Nvidia GeForce GT630M(2GB DDR3)
witch one is better in performance and lifetime
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  1. the 7690m(im assuming XT since its ddr5) is faster than the 630m. lifetime is really luck on the chip and the heat generated. both cards are almost essentially rebranded last gen cards.
  2. Thanks for quick response ..But is there statistics or reports on the efficiency of these cards ..I'll be grateful to you
    I just want to know why the ATI card is faster? cause i use Nvidia cards all my life and it have good reputation in games
    you know some games recommended Nvidia cards >>are you sure ATI 7690M is better ??
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    7690M is better the gt 630 has ddr3 and the hd 7690 is ddr5 thats one of the reasons its faster
    here are the full specs of the HD 7690M + benchmarks -
    here are the gt 630 full specs + benchmarks -
    you can judge for yourself by those numbers
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