I have a zotac gt 430 4gb graphics card!

i have a zotac g 430 graphics card. I got it 2 days back! i installed it! i t actually has 4gb ! wen i checked using dxdiag it shows only 725 mb! and it keeps on reducing each time i check! now its 710! how to change it back into 4gb??
I cant change the graphics in gta4 due to that! i used to have an ati 4670 graphics card which was 3 times better than this 1 please help me!
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    Do you realize that HD 4670 is better than GT 430? Check this hierarchy chart:,review-32481-7.html

    Anyway, dxdiag is known for detecting video memory wrong. I'd suggest downloading GPU-z and checking the video memory in there.
  2. Did the old card died?

    if not refund the GT 430 keep the HD 4670....

    As sunius said DL gpu-z for better info of the card............
  3. or msi afterburner and use it for monitoring via on screen display OSD

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