I got a graphic driver problem that affect my window 7 theme

Hello,I have a graphic driver bug with a update of
my Ati Radeon x1250 card when I updated Aero desactivated on itsefl and I tried many way to reactivate it,but furthermore on the left of my screen there is like a "void area" which my mouse can go and where I can basical put app"s windows and kinda lose them(happened with Chrome ,had to force close my computer and such)What I mean by "void" is that I can actually go to the left limit of my screen and still go on I could put windows there and they would be hidden and lost if I released my click.Also now some flash player's fullscreen feature make flash crash.Happened when I updated my Graphic drivers using Catalyst from AMD website.I dont have a CD for my drivers,Is it opssible to uninstall and reinstall it like,by default?Would my laptop detect it and install it?
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  1. Run the Windows Experience Index (WEI) Assesment once again...

    Sometimes when reinstall/update the driver the WEI reset themself so it need reassesment..

    If WEI score in graphic below 3, Aero will deactivate it self....
  2. That didnt work,I know its a problem of update and legacy stuff, I would like to know if I can uninstal my Ati Radeon x1250 driver restart my laptop and if Windows would reinstall it?OR if I can get a older version of my driver.
  3. u can try going to os via VGA mode (pressing F8 at boot up) uninstall the driver and reinstall the old driver...

    There is a last resort by revert to factory setting but it will destroy all the data/setting...
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