Ping to keep alive to monitor if my provider lost his connection to the internet

Hello, I have a dual wan router with a main cable modem for high speed and a backup adsl modem hooked just in case. The problem is that quite often it seems that my ISP loose his connection to the internet but communication is not lost between my ISP and my modem and router. Because of this, my router doesn´t do the automatic changeover from my WAN 1 to my WAN 2 hooked slower ADSL modem. My router has the ping to keep alive option checked on the WAN 1 setings using my Cable ISP provided IP address.

How can I force my router to notice that my cable ISP lost his connection to the internet and do right away the changeover from his WAN 1 to his WAN 2 input ¿
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  1. In the ping to keep alive you can ping an internet address, this way the router see's the internet is not up and switch over. However most website will block up if you ping them to much. It's best to ping an IP you have control over, such as a home or another office IP.
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