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Hi guys, i know this has been asked already but my situation is slightly different. I'm going to replace my GTX480 and i have two options: Sapphire Dual-X HD7970 or Gigabyte GTX 670 OC as they are priced equally in my country (~430euro). After reading many reviews i found that overclocked HD7970 performs slightly better than GTX670 but i'm unsure about AMD's drivers as my previous experience with HD4870x2 wasn't too good... I mean the card was great but i was waiting for every drivers release as much as i waited for Christmas. Are they any better now? Also someone have mentioned some noise coming out from Sapphire HD7970 capacitors, is it really bad? My current setup is pretty silent (Corsair 300R case, all low RPM fans, two SSD drives instead of HDD's, GTX480 equipped with Accelero Extreme cooler) and i'm not too sure if i could deal with some high-pitch noise (can't find anything on YouTube).
Mostly i play Battlefield 3 which loves Nvidia cards, but overclocked HD7970 outperforms GTX670 so basically i'm choosing between driver quality and performance.

- Other games that i'm definitely going to play: The Elder Scrolls: Skyrim, Metro: Last Night, GTA V (if it will be out for PC's)
- Current setup: AMD Phenom II 965 @4.0GHz, 8 gigs or RAM, very well ventilated case and 850W PSU.

Thank you in advance for any opinion and excuse me for my broken English, this is my third language.
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  1. AMD has somewhat crappy multi-GPU driver support, which is why you had problems with a 4870x2 (it's dual-GPU).

    Their driver support for single GPU cards is actually pretty good - you shouldn't have any problems.

    I haven't heard any confirmed info about 7970s making noise outside of some reference cards at launch. You shouldn't have anything to worry about with that.

    Since they are the same price, I think the 7970 is the better options for those games you're listing. Of course, the 670 is a good card too and you won't be unhappy with that purchase.
  2. Thanks for the answer mate! I've posted same question on the other forum and people out there were a bit more active and most of them voted for Asus GeForce GTX 670 DirectCU II card which wasn't listed as an option :) And i just ordered it. At the moment i'm kind of sorry about this decision as for some reason i can feel more power coming out of HD7970... Maybe it's because it's bigger :lol: Anyways, hopefully i'll change my mind once it'll be sitting in my PC.
    Thanks once again.
  3. both are about equally plagued when it comes to single driver problems. you see driver problems on single card builds from both sides. though i agree that nvidia has better sli drivers
  4. Well, with the Asus GTX 670 DirectCU II, there's no guarantee of the quality of the die (since the only ones they sell are at stock clock) even though it's got the best cooling. (so basically saying the OC limit can be anywhere...

    At least with some of the other factory oced one, there's a guarantee with the die quality...
  5. Without a doubt the HD 7970 is the superior card.I don't want to sound like a fanboy or anything but but the HD 7970 is on par with the GTX 670.It outperforms it when both are overclocked.It better at GPU computing AND you can get three games for free with it.
    The only con is it consumes more power.Which really isn't an issue in your case.
  6. +1 HD 7970 GHz
  7. HD7970 by far. I don't consider myself an AMD fanboy, but they make some good cards.
  8. Thanks guys for all responses, unfortunately it's too late :( I'll try to fix that mistake upon next my PC's upgrade after two years.
  9. don't worry you will be happy like you said, once they're in and playing games, you will be made up :p happy gaming haha
  10. You're not going to be unhappy with a GTX 670...
  11. I'm right after ~1 hour of Battlefield 3 @1308MHz without increasing the voltage! The card came like one hour ago, so i'll need a bit more testing but so far it feels awesome.
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