No more turbo boost i5 450m

Hi all,
2 years ago I bought an MSI GX640-279FR (yeah I'm french) and at that moment it had the Turbo Boost function so when necessary the processor passed from 2.40GHz to 2.66GHz. First couple of weeks I was amazed but after I quickly stopped paying attention.

Now (1 week ago) I realized that the processor never goes on Turbo Boost anymore.
So firstly, I checked the BIOS but everything was correct in it 2 frequencies enabled, max perfs ...
Then I began digging in the OS and I realized that there was no more turbo boost service in msconfig and that furthermore the OS does not "know" that its processor has a Turbo frequency!!

Guys I really need ur help over here I'm lost, I cannot consider format and reinstall OS and recovery does not fix the problem :s

NB: I've never experienced problems with the computer in general and the CPU in particular, no bugs, no blue screens, pc has always been fast and responsive... no spywares, malwares or viruses... all drivers are correctly installed. If we don't come up with a solution I'll try updating some but really I'm sure it's not the source of this (several months ago everything was fine so really drivers are not the problem)
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  1. Why are you so crazy about 266MHz ? It won't make you render videos faster or play games faster at that point.

    If you really want to fix it, the Bios is your only chance. There's nothing in Windows that can help you.

    - The Brownie
  2. you know what? my windows index says 3.1 ghz, 3.09Ghz :), cpu in sig (not downclocked now). Windows might not actually peg the turbo value like you are expecting.

    Install core temp and monitor your temps. It will show your cpu speeds as well. then see if your cpu is entering turbo or not. It is quiet possible that temps may not be allowing for turbo.

    let us know what you find.

    good luck
  3. First of all thanks all

    Bromeh, I sure understand what you mean that's what I told myself "OK whatever just 266MHz..." but it represents a problem of mismatch between hardware and software and for me is worth to understand where does it come from and how to fix it.
    As I first said the BIOS is off the table, everything about it is FINE (that's the first thing I checked...)

    satyam and hafijur, I didn't only check windows values, I ran CPU Z (I was told it's the best CPU monitoring tool) and CPU meter (a desktop gadget based on PC Meter).
    However as you suggested I used core temp and some benchs and you guys were right... cpu goes up to full 2660MHz. (+1 you and core temp really accurate...)
    ( max cpu temp 70C degrees, no cleaning needed antec cooler notebook 200 rules ;] )

    Thx a lot guys, now I know that whatever why OS and some softs don't show it, the cpu actually runs turbo when needed.
  4. Nice to hear that :). 70C max at load is decent temp. No need to worry on that front as well.

    all the best
  5. ^ No it does not work like that. Turbo on all core i5 and i7 processors from all generations behave similarly. For all quads, there is 1,2,3 or 4 core turbo. OP's cpu is a dual core with HT and that is the reason he has 2 core turbo not because his is a first generation cpu. i5 750(2.66 GHz) for example has turbo for 1-4 cores. 2.8(4core),2.8(3core),3.2(2 core) and 3.2(1core).
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